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Business Tax

Few areas of the law require the combination of legal acumen and meticulous accounting skills as does tax law. If you’re in need of a tax attorney, Traditions Law, PC has more than 35 years of experience in comprehensive tax planning for both individuals and businesses, bringing clients a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding tax issues unmatched in the Sacramento area – if not the entire state.

Traditions Law, PC founder Dr. Kent W. Meyer is an attorney with an extraordinary background in tax law, both domestically and internationally. He has taught in the area of tax planning at the University of Southern California, California State University, Sacramento, and University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law. He is the author of several internationally used tax textbooks, has written numerous articles on taxation and accounting, and has delivered hundreds of presentations to domestic and international groups on complicated tax issues.

We develop tax strategies designed to minimize tax liabilities and maximize the protection of your assets. When disputes arise with tax authorities, our knowledge of how those authorities approach these matters allows us to effectively challenge their claims or adroitly negotiate the best possible resolution. Our firm has negotiated numerous federal and state offers in compromise for taxpayers that have substantially reduced their tax liabilities. We have also successfully represented our clients in Internal Revenue Service appeals and audit reconsiderations.

Our comprehensive tax practice includes:

- Domestic and International Tax Planning
- Business Tax Planning
- Audit Representation
- Audit Reconsideration
- Tax Dispute Resolution
- IRS Offer in Compromise
- FTB Offer in Compromise

The lack of sound tax planning can result in you paying much more in taxes than you are legally obligated to. Traditions Law, PC will use our vast knowledge of domestic and international tax law to your advantage, and work to put you in the strongest position to keep tax liabilities, and tax authorities, at bay. If you’d like to discuss your tax questions or concerns, please contact our offices. We look forward to the privilege of being your attorneys.

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